Saturday, September 22, 2012

OK..the begining AGAIN

Here I go again. I feel so "ready" to change everything. My attitude (me), which is basically the way I look at things; I try to be upbeat and not so negative but it's not alwyas easy. I am on a quest to build/renew and this time keep an ongoing relationship with the Lord. My appearance (my hair) as much as I try to preach to everyone that looks don't really matter to me they do. I like to look cute and turn heads just as much as the next person but I would like to think that it does not consume me.Even when I was an awkward looking or some may say ugly child people always would say but her hair is noce, it's so thick and healthy looking!! So I alwys held ontot that, then when I got to be "cute" well at least me & the males in my neighborhood and school thought I held onto that. All I need was some Vaseline (my lipgloss) and the forbidden Revlon eyeliner!! And hony child you couldn't tell me NOTHING!!! My body (my thighs) I was the "skinny" one for years, but as far nback as I can remeber people commenting on how frail and skinny I was alot of folks would follow with...but goodness she has some big thighs. So even when I was underweight my thighs were overweight *shrugs*. But now after turning 40 (geesh) and realizing that things really do change I feel like I need to get controll of this madness because it's time.

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