Sunday, March 1, 2009

6 pounds off......... and 24 to go

Hi there. I obviously am not good at this blogging. Well I wouldn't say that, it's just I have been overwhelmed at work all month and wen I get home I am trying to stay as far away from the computer as possible! However I have been keeping up with my workouts!!! I have lost a total of 6 pounds now. I am happy about that. I feel like now I want to do more!!! I am getting better with my portion control, because I LOVE to eat!!! But I am doing better. I feel like I should work out twice a day. I have been working out on my lunch hour but due to it only being an hour I can only workout for 40-45 minutes because I MUST leave time for a shower. It amazes me how many of my co-workers work out, get sweaty and use baby wipes instead of showering but anyway, I feel like I need more time workout so I plan on trying to work out in the evening at home with some of my DVD's. I hope I can do it & I pray that work is less stressful this week.

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