Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Strength training!!

Ok, so at the fitness center at work I have joined a class for strength training. It meets twice a week for 45 minutes and we lift weights. Sounds so strange to me, a bunch of "ladies" lifting weights. ha ha. The trainer said that "You females are always trying to lose weight, but just cardio is not gonna get it! You need to build muscle mass so you can boost your metabolism." So you know what I am gonna try it, I mean REALLY REALLY stick with it. I think the class is 15 weeks and as we improve we progress into more complex workout routines and weights. I am excited because I am so ready to see some changes in my body. I have to gently remind myself that it will NOT be overnight. I am anticipating small changes. I am going to give it 120% effort. I CAN DO IT!!!

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