Monday, March 30, 2009

It's official...........I'm out of shape!!

Today I went to the fitness center for my "physical assessment" prior to me starting a challenge with them. The challenge last for 5 weeks & I think we work out together Tuesday & Thursdays. I guess on how your assessment turns out is the program we end up with. The workouts start Thursday. I need a boost in my workout regimen............The trainer weighed me, measured every inch of me and had me do some "tests" like stepping up on very high step continuously for 3 minutes.......(now that was rough), a flexibility test, and push ups (I could only do 4). She was really nice about it but I feel like she should have stamped "YOU SUCK" across my paper. I knew that my stamina with the step was gonna be difficult and I knew I could not do many push ups, but the measurements really appalled me!! I was so embarrassed, even though it was just me and her I was mortified!!! REALLY!!
I'm glad I didn't purchase my own tape measure like I planned on doing yesterday but I wanted to run & hide when she read them off. I am too embarrassed to even type in on my blog, I will someday but not today.
That was definitely motivation.

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