Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm back

I was just telling my daughter I don't know why I stopped posting. I enjoyed it, alot.


unesha3 said...

Yay!!!!. Im about to start posting to so I can have more friends lol!.

janelle said...

i feel like i'm right there with you.
my hair is fine,
and can withstand heat and humidity,
and still look good.
but now my issue is my unhealthiness.
i almost wish i felt ugly at this size,
or had trouble finding clothes that flattered me,
but i don't.
my body is sluggish,
but that's the only issue i have with my size.
i'm starting to feel it,
despite not looking it.

i've lost 35 pounds before.
i was hardcore.
the number was important.
i don't wanna get there again (being hardcore),
but i love the way my body felt.

i'll be 25 in a little over two weeks.
i'm feeling an internal me to be the best me,
and this sluggish feeling ain't what it is.

how do you find inspiration?
and motivation?
and perserverance?

i fear i'm again afraid of the gym,
and appearing as the big girl working out.
and am scared to run.

how did you make yourself stop all the yapping
and just do the work?

(sorry for the long comment!)