Sunday, July 19, 2009

New week new plan

Ok since I weighed myself last Wednesday and I was so disgusted with myself for not losing much weight I realized I need to do something different with my workout and meal plans. The truth is the working out part I don't mind at all but it's the cutting down on what I eat and how often I eat is my huge problem. I sound like a pig huh? Well I'm not I just love food. So anyway I will make small baby steps in changing the way that I eat and even eliminating some things too from my diet. Like I know I need to cut way down on anything white, bread, potatoes, rice, half&half in my morning coffee, etc. But this week I am going to step up my work outs to at eat 2 a day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and at least on Friday. I will rotate my workout DVD's (one in the morning before work and maybe a different one in the evening when I get home from work) and do my 30-45 minute bike rides immediately after work. I know I can do it, but the question I keep asking myself is will I?

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