Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm shrinking, I'm Shrinking.......

Yeah. I am losing weight. I think 12 pounds so far but I messed up my excel spreadsheet so I'm not sure if it's really 10 or 12. You would think that for someone trying to lose weight that I would keep better track of the pounds. But honestly I hate weighing in, I don't own a scale at home I weigh in every Wednesday on the scale at the fitness center at work. I notice more so how I feel and how I look in certain pants. I love it when I out on a pair of pants and I feel less "tension" on my thighs. hee hee, I love my curves but I want smaller curves now. So either way I know I have lost some pounds but I can tell that I have lost inches. I should measure myself and keep track of it that way too. Today on my trip to Walmart I will buy me a measuring tape.

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Tonya,RN said...

Doesn't matter if it 10 or 12 pounds girl. I am so proud of you and what you are doing for yourself! Congrats on your success so far and though this journey will not be easy, I have not doubt you will achieve your goals. Love Ya.